The Board
Personal Projects

Here you'll find various odds and ends I've worked on over the years. Some of these projects are quick personal sketches for myself and friends, some are projects for university assignments or competitions. My aim here is to show the breadth of work I like to engage in, as I don't like to stay in one discipline if I can help it. Getting experience outside of my comfort zone is my favorite way to learn!

Some of these projects are unfinished or a bit rough around the edges, but I believe they show my growth and exploration as a designer. I'll be adding more here as I clean things up and find more projects that fit.

Spotify Covers

One of my favorite design exercises is crafting covers for Spotify playlists. There's something spontaneous and unique about being inspired by music, and doing work for friends and family is a joy.

CAPE Cover Change of Scene Cover Change of Scene Cover
eVII eIX Caustics Cover


Sunstone is a small open source ↗ ruby script for printing OpenWeatherMap ↗ information to the terminal for a given location.

Sunstone Icon
Sunstone Hourly
Hourly forecast printed to the terminal
Sunstone Daily
Daily forecast printed to the terminal

Projects from College

These are some artifacts I've collected from various projects and competitions I worked on during my Computer Science bachelors at Northwest Missouri State University.


ChronOS Splash Screen
The splash screen for a university game jam game

ChronOS is a comedic point and click puzzle adventure simulation game, in which you navigate a farcically unusable and dated operating system. This game was developed with Alex Gittemeier ↗ over the course of a few days for Northwest Missouri State University's annual game jam, and won the fan favorite award. You can play the game here ↗ if you're interested in seeing it in action! I created all visual assets for the game (aside from a few public domain photos), as well as music and other sound design.

ChronOS Mockup
Mockup of the operating system made in Figma
ChronOS in Browser
The game running in a web browser
ChronOS Icons
Icons for the final game
ChronOS Icons
Some logotype exploration

Other Projects

CCSC Poster
CCSC ↗ Conference winning poster

This poster was designed by me for a project with a friend of mine, Jack Hill. Over a semester we explored distributed computing with a small raspberry pi cluster, and ideated a potential system for a distributed social network, with a lightweight prototype.

iOS Project Screens
Office hours scheduler mockup

An office hours scheduler mockup that was done within 45 minutes for a hackathon challenge.

iOS Project Screens
Screens/wireframes for an iOS group project

An iOS application meant to generate ambient music with added soundscapes.

Android Project Screens
Screens an Android group project

An android application meant to aid with the timing of darkroom photo development.

Mortarboard Screens
Screens for a class engagement application

This project was for a software engineering course, where our group was given a stakeholder within the college to design a product for; in our case a student engagement application.

Mortarboard Screens Mortarboard Screens
Mockups for an "internet of things" project

This project consisted of an internet connected receipt printer that would print todo lists and weather information on command from a simple web interface.